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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "DDLog.h"
* Welcome to Cocoa Lumberjack!
* The Google Code page has a wealth of documentation if you have any questions.
* If you're new to the project you may wish to read the "Getting Started" page.
* This class provides a logger for Terminal output or Xcode console output,
* depending on where you are running your code.
* As described in the "Getting Started" page,
* the traditional NSLog() function directs it's output to two places:
* - Apple System Log (so it shows up in
* - StdErr (if stderr is a TTY, so log statements show up in Xcode console)
* To duplicate NSLog() functionality you can simply add this logger and an asl logger.
* However, if you instead choose to use file logging (for faster performance),
* you may choose to use only a file logger and a tty logger.
@interface DDTTYLogger : DDAbstractLogger <DDLogger>
NSDateFormatter *dateFormatter;
char *app; // Not null terminated
char *pid; // Not null terminated
size_t appLen;
size_t pidLen;
+ (DDTTYLogger *)sharedInstance;
// Inherited from DDAbstractLogger
// - (id <DDLogFormatter>)logFormatter;
// - (void)setLogFormatter:(id <DDLogFormatter>)formatter;