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I love teaching, sharing and talking at conferences.

Upcoming Talks and Interviews

Location Date Conference
Vienna, Austria Sept 6 WKO Vienna
Kraków, Poland Oct 3-4 Mobiconf 2019
Paris, France Oct 8-9 FrenchKit
Berlin, Germany Nov 12-13 {codemotion} Berlin
Buenos Aires, Argentina Nov 28-29 Swiftable
Karlsruhe, Germany Dec 3-4 heise MacDev 2019

Pioneers 2019 in Vienna

dotSwift 2018 in Paris

try! Swift  in New York, USA

App Builders 2018 in Lugano, Switzerland

Ping @steipete on Twitter or reach out via email (steipete at gmail) if you organize a conference where you'd like me to speak. I direct the day-to-day work as CEO of PSPDFKit and also share knowledge on our company blog.

Topics 2019

Shipping a Mac Catalyst app: The good, the bad and the ugly (Upcoming Talk, WIP)

PSPDFKit ported PDF Viewer, a project with over 2 MLOC and lots of UIKit code to the Mac via Catalyst. Having played with "Marzipan" in 2018, the team was able to port their huge app in a relative short timeframe. Learn what you have to do after checking the [X] Mac checkbox, how far Catalyst can be pushed, how it interacts with AppKit, and how to work around the worst bugs. We'll show real code, a selection of r̵a̵d̵a̵r̵ Feedback Assistant items, strategies to keep code branching low, and some design alterations that were necessary to make it feel more at home on the Mac."

How We Work at PSPDFKit

I explain our approach to SDK design, long-term product evolvement, feature/proposal development and support. This talk is interesting to developers and product planners alike. (slides, blog post)

Should You Seek VC Money?

We discussed the up- and downsides of taking VC money vs boostrapping a business. Many thanks to Natalie, Marcus, Anna for being great panel partners, the whole Pioneers team for being incredibly well organized and Florian for the tough audience question that later lead to an episode in his “Gründer&Zünder” podcast. Pioneers 2019 Photos (c) Emil Chalhoub for Pioneers

Topics 2018

Hacking Marzipan

I will show the hacks currently needed to try Apple's new iOSMac platform, codenamed "Marzipan", and walk through what I needed to do to get PDF Viewer to run on macOS Mojave. Learn about the history, the current status, the timeline, and how to port your app today. See preview research tweet

Early version of this talk given at mDevCamp 2018, one week after the release of Marzipan.

Talk completely re-imagined at try! Swift New York, Sept 5, 2018. Slides Video

Feedback from Attendees: "Marizpandemic is coming.", "Awesome talk – really educational and entertaining 👏", "excellent black magic", "Having my mind blown (again)", "I can’t wait for Marzipan so I can get away with never having to learn AppKit!", "words to live by", "Having fun with Marzipan", "Crash once return 0, crash twice return it with 1 ... 😂😂😂", "educational and entertaining, well done 👍", "I would have liked to be there for this one!"

Building Personal Brands for Introverts

Having a successful online identity will open many doors and help you to become a better developer, and person as a whole. I've been working on my professional persona since 2009, and it helped me so tremendously and pushed me forward into places I didn't think I could ever go.

This is the keynote talk for UIKonf for Day 2. slides | video

Feedback from Attendees: "highly recommended", "really awesome", "FANTASTIC talk, funny slides, nice pace", "Absolutely inspiring. One of the most important skills in our field.", "Brilliant, powerful, warm, full of empathy", "very inspiring, motivational... feeling energized"

Bootstrapping - The Long Road to Success

As part of the Founder & Investor Talks at Vienna University of Technology of 2018 I'll talk about my road from a freelancer to CEO of a succssful, growing international company with a deliberate choice of not taking VC money. This talk is about upsides/downsides and many lessions learned, the hard transition from "builder" to "manager", about teaming up with other people, building a team, core values, and strategies how to make a product work that sells B2B.

I gave a variation of this talk as interview about Entrepreneurship at App Builders 2018 in Lugano. Watch here.

A quick summary video from my talk at the Vienna University of Technology from the i²c Founder & Investor Talk series

Feedback from Attendees: "Beautiful, eyes opening argument, funny stories", "Loved it! Detailed personal developer stories like this one are what make these conferences so interesting", "Inspiring tech entrepreneurship story", "Super interesting", "FANTASTIC talk, lots of wisdom and funny anecdotes"

Smart Debugging - Heavy Weapons for Hard Bugs

Debugging can be exciting, but often also very, very frustrating. We explore some lesser-known tools and techniques to find problems faster and make the Compiler mark issues, before they become a crash for the user. The second part is a case study of a particularily interesting bug hunts where I use some unconventional ways to find and resolve the issue.

slides video

Feedback from Attendees: "really great structured overview", "great talk",

Strategies for Binary Frameworks in Swift

Binary frameworks? Without ABI? In Swift? What’s the deal with Swift Modules? In his talk, Peter discusses binary frameworks and stability, when and why ABI matters, and why his team writes in Objective-C. Learn more about what you can do right now, what other companies are doing, common pitfalls, and the future.

slides | blog post | video and transcript

Swift Weekly Shoutout, Most Interesting Videos of dotSwift

Topics 2017

Building a Sustainable Codebase: 7 Years and Counting

Peter will discuss strategies how code can be written in a way where you can both 'ship it' and have a sustainable product that allows you to move fast and where new people don't run away screaming. At least most of the time :)

The talk is based on lessons learned while building PSPDFKit for iOS since 2010, yet most parts will be applicable to any language and team.

video @ App Builders Switzerland 2017

Effective Remote Communication

How to Run a Distributed Company. (video | slides)

Past Talks


Location Date Conference
San Jose, California June 4 AltConf (Talk about CI Infra)
Vienna, Austria May 8-10 Pioneers'19
Budapest, Hungary April 12 iOS Conf Budapest [Cancelled]
Vienna, Austria Feb 21 Apple Store Vienna Talked about How We Work at PSPDFKit
Porto, Portugal Feb 4 CocoaHeads Porto Talked about How We Work at PSPDFKit


Location Date Conference
New York, US Sept 4-5, 2018 try! Swift - Hacking Marzipan (slides video)
Vienna, AT July 12, 2018 Cocoaheads Vienna, Talk about Marzipan
Prague, CZ June 15, 2018 mDevCamp, 2 Talks: iOS part of the Keynote + Highlights of WWDC 2018 & Hacking Marzipan
San Jose, US June 4-8, 2018 WWDC 2018 (No talk, but let's meet up!)
Berlin, DE May 14-16, 2018 PDF Developer Days
Berlin, DE May 13-16, 2018 UIKonf - Building Personal Brands for Introverts (slides video)
Vienna, AT April 25, 2018 Founder & Investor Talks at Vienna University of Technology (event)
Lugano, CH April 16-17, 2018 App Builders Switzerland 2018 (video)
Atlanta, US March 12-14, 2018 Teki Con🍍 (slides)
Paris, FR January 29, 2018 dotSwift 2018 (slides, blog post, video)

2017 and Earlier

Location Date Conference
Logroño, Spain Sept 13-15, 2017 NSSpain (Video on Vimeo)
Berlin, Germany May 27, 2017 STICKS & STONES
Vienna, Austria May 11-12, 2017 WeAreDevelopers (video)
Budapest, Hungary April 25-28, 2017 CRAFT Conf (Video on UStream)
Lausanne, Switzerland April 24, 2017 App Builders (Video on YouTube)

Between 2013-2016 I've given talks at following conferences: (list incomplete, PRs welcome!)

Video Recordings for some of my talks can be found at my Vimeo.


Peter founded and bootstrapped PSPDFKit in 2011, and has since expanded the company with the goal of providing the highest quality PDF framework for all platforms. While Peter is responsible for the day-to-day management of the team, he never misses the chance to go under PSPDFKit’s hood and get his hands dirty with writing and debugging code. Peter has worked with iOS since the inception of the iPhone, and is regularly invited to speak at conferences around the world. He also organizes Cocoaheads, a meetup for developers that work with Apple platforms. Prior to PSPDFKit, he worked as a Senior iOS Engineer at a startup in San Francisco and taught iOS and Mac development at his alma mater, the Vienna University of Technology.


Many of my past talks are on SpeakerDeck


dotSwift 2018 in Paris

My avatar image is in this repo.




Credits go to Felix Krause for the idea to post this here - thanks!

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