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Single page application to display my recent work, built with AngularJS. No jQuery, no sliders, no parallax, no shit. The app features a nice grid view, project pages, a timeline and a RSS reader to show post from my blog. Did I tell you that it's fully optimized for search engines? Meta descriptions get automatically loaded. To get this magic to work, I use PhantomJS to prerender pages for crawlers.

Have a look:


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run npm install to get the dev dependencies
  3. Run compass watch to compile SASS changes
  4. Develop and commit changes
  5. Build a optimized version by running grunt dist

Meta Data

RSS Feed Reader

Data model

To do

  • Add Bower for front-end dependencies
  • Update to AngularJS 2
  • Modularize components
  • Add filters for the project grid
  • Use npm to serve the page for development
  • Add CSS autoprefixer
  • Explain PhantomJS setup