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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<style xmlns="" class="in-text" version="1.0" default-locale="en-US">
<link href="" rel="self"/>
<link href="" rel="template"/>
<name>Florent Angly</name>
<category citation-format="numeric"/>
<category field="medicine"/>
<category field="science"/>
<summary>Style for the French journal Médecine / Sciences</summary>
<link href="" rel="documentation"/>
<rights>This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License:</rights>
<macro name="editor">
<names variable="editor" delimiter=", ">
<name initialize-with="" name-as-sort-order="all" sort-separator=" " delimiter=", " delimiter-precedes-last="always"/>
<label form="long" text-case="lowercase" prefix=", "/>
<macro name="author">
<names variable="author" suffix=".">
<name name-as-sort-order="all" sort-separator=" " initialize-with="" delimiter=", " delimiter-precedes-last="always"/>
<label form="short" prefix=" " suffix="." text-case="lowercase" strip-periods="true"/>
<et-al font-style="italic" prefix=" "/>
<names variable="editor"/>
<text variable="title"/>
<macro name="title">
<text variable="title"/>
<macro name="publisher">
<group delimiter=" : ">
<text variable="publisher-place"/>
<text variable="publisher"/>
<macro name="year-date">
<if variable="issued">
<date variable="issued">
<date-part name="year"/>
<text term="no date" form="short"/>
<macro name="edition">
<if is-numeric="edition">
<group delimiter=" ">
<number variable="edition" form="ordinal"/>
<text term="edition" form="short" suffix="." strip-periods="true"/>
<text variable="edition" suffix="."/>
<citation collapse="citation-number">
<key variable="citation-number" sort="ascending"/>
<layout prefix="[" suffix="]" delimiter=",">
<text variable="citation-number"/>
<bibliography et-al-min="4" et-al-use-first="3" second-field-align="flush">
<text variable="citation-number" suffix=". "/>
<text macro="author"/>
<if type="bill book graphic legal_case motion_picture report song" match="any">
<group delimiter=" " prefix=" ">
<text macro="title" suffix="." font-style="italic"/>
<text macro="edition"/>
<text macro="editor"/>
<text macro="publisher" suffix=","/>
<text macro="year-date" prefix=" " suffix=" :"/>
<text variable="number-of-pages"/>
<label variable="page" form="short" suffix="." strip-periods="true"/>
<else-if type="chapter paper-conference" match="any">
<text macro="title" prefix=" " suffix="."/>
<group prefix=" " delimiter=". " suffix=".">
<text term="in" text-case="capitalize-first" suffix=" :"/>
<text macro="editor" prefix=" "/>
<text variable="container-title" font-style="italic"/>
<text variable="collection-title"/>
<text macro="publisher" prefix=" " suffix=","/>
<text macro="year-date" prefix=" " suffix=" :"/>
<text variable="page" prefix=" " suffix="."/>
<else-if type="thesis">
<group delimiter=" " prefix=" ">
<text macro="title"/>
<text variable="genre" prefix="[" suffix="]. "/>
<text macro="publisher" suffix="."/>
<text macro="year-date" prefix=" " suffix="."/>
<text macro="title" prefix=" " suffix="."/>
<text variable="container-title" form="short" font-style="italic" prefix=" " suffix=""/>
<text macro="year-date" prefix=" " suffix=" ;"/>
<text variable="volume" prefix=" " suffix=" "/>
<text variable="page" prefix=": "/>
<text value="."/>