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Breakout made in HTML5 using canvas and box2D library
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Breakout in HTML5


Breakout in HTML5 is a simple weekend project I've been developing using canvas and Box2D physics engine for Javascript.

I release only the JS source of the demo, as you can easily deploy it to a page using HTML5 Boilerplate template by Paul Irish or you can just create a page with a div id="main" in it to host the game.

Required libraries

New features in last version

  • Countdown timer when you begin playing
  • Score bubles when ball hits the bricks
  • Few finetuning in ball velocity in order not to get stuck in vertical or horizontal moves


  • Uses requestAnimationFrame
  • Optimized for iOS devices (although they are not recommended for gameplay as canvas in mobile Safari is pretty slow)
  • User score, game over screen

Future possible features

  • Sounds
  • Leaderboards
  • ???

Live demo

Blog Post

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