Airplane Safety - A study by Panagiotis S. Petrakis
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Airplane Safety


This is the open source repository for the Airplane Safety project.

If you want to learn the story behind this project, read the blog post here.

This repository contains the scanned original documents (in Greek), the translated documents, as well as the vector images accompanying the description in SVG and PDF formats.

I also include the Sketch project I used to design all the graphics used in this project.

All the resources contained in this project are open source under the MIT License.

HTML version

If you want to visit a live HTML version of this project, visit

Generating the documents

The PDF, epub and LaTeX versions have been generated using the Pandoc tool.

If you want to re-generate those documents, install and configure Pandoc locally and run the following commands:

  • For the ePub version:
pandoc -f markdown -t epub -s -o Airplane-Safety.epub --metadata title="Airplane Safety" --epub-cover-image=Cover.png
  • For the LaTeX version:
pandoc  -f markdown -t latex -s -o Airplane-Safety.latex
  • For the PDF version:
pandoc  -f markdown --pdf-engine=xelatex -s -o Airplane-Safety.pdf