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✨ Open-source Web platform built on top of Stelace backend Search, Automation and Real-Time APIs. Empowering super heroes in NYC.


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Stelace API Starter Kit

This Stelace starter kit is free to use, under the terms of the MIT license. Feel free to fork, contribute or just make it your own ❤️.

This Web Platform starter kit with pre-configured serverless deployment leverages Stelace Search and Automation APIs to run a real-time platform full of super heroes operating in NYC.


Free your mind and imagine how many cool things you could build on your own with Stelace API… From online marketplaces to real-time platforms.

A more classical marketplace starter kit is also available with additional marketplace features such as Ratings, real-time Messaging, Asset pages and Transactions.

What is Stelace?

Stelace provides search, inventory and user management infrastructure and APIs for Web platforms, ranging from search-intensive marketplaces to online community apps.

Stelace offers powerful backend and APIs including advanced search, automation, and content delivery, to let you focus on what makes your platform unique.

API Docs

Conventional Commits Netlify Status


  • Super Heroes as platform Assets that can be created by Users.
  • Powerful and typo-tolerant Search 🔍, and advanced filtering with Custom Attributes.
  • Real-time Events to automate the platform
  • Automation with Stelace Workflows and Tasks, making the Website demo aware of Heroes missions and locations in real-time, as you would for a ride-sharing platform (like Lyft) 🚥
  • Headless CMS 📃 with Stelace Content API
  • i18n 🌍 and full translations
  • Performance (90+ Lighthouse score) 🏁
  • JSON data import script, including Assets in CSV format.
  • and much more with Stelace API


Leverage these integrations to start running your platform even faster:

  • Automated and continuous deployment with Netlify
  • Maps with OpenStreetMap provider
  • Sentry for logging in production environment
  • Google Analytics


Serverless JAMStack architecture:

Node.js >= 10.18 is used for tooling.

Make it your own

You first need to get your Stelace API keys. Good news: it’s free.

  1. Clone this repository
git clone
cd heroes-platform-demo
  1. Install node_modules
# using yarn instead of npm is recommended

If you don’t have yarn installed, you can follow these instructions.

  1. Create environment files for development and production.

You can copy .env.example and fill it with Stelace API keys.

cp .env.example .env.development
# You may want to use live Stelace API keys in this file
cp .env.example .env.production

You need to fill the following environment variables:

  • STELACE_PUBLISHABLE_API_KEY (pubk_...) used in Vue app
  • STELACE_SECRET_API_KEY (seck_...) used in data seeding scripts
  • VUE_APP_MAPBOX_STYLE to activate the map. You can upload live demo dark map style with Maptiler and get a map style URL:

You can get your API Keys in Stelace Dashboard.

  1. Seed data and workflows.
yarn seed
  1. Start front-end development server
yarn dev
# same as quasar dev

Please refer to Quasar docs for more details about configuration and info on components.

Enjoy your platform :)


Please refer to deployment docs section for more details.

Stelace Dashboard

Create you own account for free to build your own platform and use official Stelace dashboard, enabling your team to access real-time stats, settings, live design and content editing with translation tools, asset and user management and much more.

Stelace Dashboard