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Audioflexica audio detection project for Codeology Fall 2018

This was a 4-week project led by Kevin Wang. The goal was to create a python program that detects sound from the computer's microphone and react to the sound via a 3D mesh. This was written in Python 2.7 and we used Anaconda Navigator to create a virtual environment and organize packages.


After creating a conda environment by either using Anaconda Navigator or by running conda create -n yourenvname python=2.7 anaconda In your environment, run:

  • conda install -c anaconda numpy
  • pip install opensimplex
  • conda install -c anaconda pyopengl
  • conda install -c anaconda pyqtgraph
  • conda install -c anaconda pyaudio

Running the Program

Activate your conda environment. Then navigate to the folder containing and run python after installing all the necessary libraries.


Example of the mesh picking up background noise from the mic Background Noise


The main issue is that many of our laptop mics are sensitive enough to pick up a lot of background noise. Currently the program doesn't do a good job at differentiating between background noise and foreground noise. A future improvement would be to either have the program filter out background noise, or to create a GUI where the use can upload a .mp3 or .wav file for the program to read off of.

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