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A new urop website!
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Stella Yang, Yang Yan, Alisa Ono, Angela Cai is a different view of the UROP website for MIT students! Please email us at with any feedback, questions, or concerns.


Secrets (like are $BACKEND_PASSWORD) stored in Only collaborators have access to this link.

The secrets folder is also to contain one Python file named It should follow the following format:


The first string should be your Kerberos. The latter should be your Kerberos password. Only the collaborators on this repository will be able to authenticate using their credentials.

Running the server

Run the server with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

The server will periodically scrape the official UROP postings site at The default interval is 15 minutes. The server will run on :61000 by default.

Deployment has its DNS pointed to an AWS EC2 instance (run by Yang), which is shared with other websites like and Ports 80 and 443 run a tunneled HTTP multiplexer. Thus, to point to the local server at :61000, run:

ssh -p 2222 -R

It may be wise to use a more persistent tunnel like autossh.

To perform server maintenance, log in to the server with


The SSH port is password-authenticated. The password is available as the secret $BACKEND_PASSWORD. The server is running on a tmux session called urop-website. The tunnel is running on a tmux session called urop_guide.

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