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I came across some old codes that I wrote as a tech test solution while I was applying a software engineer role for an ecommerce company few years back in 2016. I remember as it was one of the more interesting code kata amongst many tech test that I had done. It was meant to be a straight-forward 2 hours exercise solving what it looked like an easy little problem.


The Nile wants to offer a wide variety of discounts to our customers.

Your task is to develop a system to allow for discounts to be applied to a customers cart. The system should be flexible, allowing for the creation of new discount types easily.

Given these products:

SKU Name Price
9325336130810 Game of Thrones: Season 1 $39.49
9325336028278 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air $19.99
9780201835953 The Mythical Man-Month $31.87
9781430219484 Coders at Work $28.72
9780132071482 Artificial Intelligence $119.92
-------------- ------------------------------ ----------

Initially we would like to offer our customers these discounts:

  • Buy 10 or more copies of The Mythical Man-Month, and receive them at the discounted price of $21.99
  • We would like to offer a 3 for the price of 2 deal on Coders at Work. (Buy 3 get 1 free);
  • Customers who purchase Game of Thrones: Season 1, will get The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air free.


Products in cart: 9780201835953 x 10, 9325336028278 Expected total: $239.89

Products in cart: 9781430219484 x 3, 9780132071482 Expected total: $177.36

Products in cart: 9325336130810, 9325336028278, 9780201835953 Expected total: $71.36

Example interface:

$cart = new Cart($pricingRules); $cart->addProduct("9780201835953"); $cart->addProduct("9781430219484"); $cart->total();

  • use any language you wish
  • do not use any external libraries (Zend etc.)
  • do not use a database
  • do not create a GUI (we are only interested in your implementation)
  • try not to spend more than two hours on this, we don't want you working all day!


See comments on runner.php, to run:

php runner.php

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