SDF's docker container for Netflix's Atlas monitoring tool.
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Stellar's container for storing/viewing metrics using Netflix's Atlas time series store.

Note that this image automatically accepts the oracle-java8-installer license so by using this image you indicate that you agree to that license. At least I suspect so. I am not a lawyer.


The recommended way to run this container looks like this:

$ docker run --name atlas -p 7101:7101 -d stellar/atlas

Atlas will then be available at port 7101 of your docker host. You can confirm via something like

$ curl http://boot2docker:7101/api/v1/tags


By default this container will use the atlas.1m.conf file, but you can override this by passing an argument to the run script.

For example if you want to run with 1s resolution run:

$ docker run --name atlas -p 7101:7101 \
    -d stellar/atlas \
    /start /etc/atlas/atlas.1s.conf

Overriding config

You can override config entirely by mounting a volume with your own file and running that configuration like so:

$ docker run --name atlas -p 7101:7101 \
    -v /path/to/my/conf:/etc/atlas \
    -d stellar/atlas \
    /start /etc/atlas/my.atlas.conf