SDF's base docker container. Sets up some conventions across all SDF containers.
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Stellar's base container, from debian:jessie.


  • wget - for grabbing stuff
  • software-properties-common - for easy use of PPAs
  • confd - for building configuration files
  • init - a copy of lovely_touching for handling PID 1
  • /cores - a place to put core dumps when they happen
  • /logs - a common place for any non-stdout logging


Intended to be used as a base image so no need to run it directly.

Just include a FROM stellar/base:latest in your Dockerfile.

Typically we leverage confd by first adding our config files and templates to the default location:

ADD confd /etc/confd

Then kicking off a one time run just before starting the container's main process:

confd -onetime -backend=env