SDF's docker container for Mozilla's Heka monitoring tool.
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Our simple heka container.


The way to run this is to have your app container generate all the necesary config as a /heka volume.

Then you run this container with something like the following (assuming the container to be monitored is scc-node1:

$ docker run --name scc-node1-heka  \
    --net container:scc-node1       \
    --volumes-from scc-node1        \
    -d stellar/heka

This will start a heka process using /heka/hekad.toml from the app container's exported volume, as well as the same networking stack as the container. The allows the app and hekad to communicate with eachother freely.

Any logs that need to be monitored will also need to be exported as volumes from the app container so that the heka container can see them.