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This repo is constructed using yarn workspaces and consists of the 4 sections:

  • the browser extension (/extension)
  • the client-facing SDK (/@stellar/freighter-api)
  • the docs (/docs)
  • some shared files that the above use (/@shared/*)


You will need

Build the extension

To simply build a production version of the extension, install the prerequisites then navigate to this root folder in your command line and run these 2 steps:


followed by

yarn build:extension:production

This will generate the files that make up the extension in extension/build

Starting a dev environment

yarn start

This will start up multiple watching builds in parallel:

  • The @stellar/freighter-api npm module
  • The docs, serving on localhost:3000
  • A dev server with the webapp running in the extension, serving on localhost:9000
  • The actual built extension, able to be installed in Chrome, in build/

Each of these will build in response to editing their source.

These can be started individually with yarn start:\<workspace name\> where \<workspace name\> is one of:

  • freighter-api
  • docs
  • extension
yarn build

This will produce final output for the docs, the @stellar/freighter npm module, and the extension.

yarn build:\<workspace name\>, like the equivalent start commands, will build an individual workspace.

Useful URLs:

The popup webapp

The getPublicKey playground The signTransaction playground

It's important to note that these two won't interact with the dev server popup UI on localhost:9000 — you'll need to re-install the unpacked extension each time you make a change.

Importing a workspace

In some cases, you will want to import a workspace into another. For example, in extension we need to import @shared/constants. To do this, simply add @shared/constants to the dependencies list in package.json in extension. Yarn symlinks all the workspaces, so doing so will allow you to import files from the @shared/constants workspace as if it were a published npm package.


Many dev dependencies (such as Typescript, linters, Webpack, etc.) have been moved to the root package.json to allow devs to upgrade these libraries all in one place.