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Breaking changes

  • Offer resource last_modified field removed (see Bug Fixes section).
  • Trade aggregations endpoint accepts only specific time ranges now (1/5/15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week).
  • Horizon sends Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, max-age=0 HTTP header for all responses.


  • Account > Signers collection public_key field is deprecated, replaced by key.


  • Protocol V10 features:
    • New bump_sequence operation (as in CAP-0001).
      • New bump_sequence operation.
      • New sequence_bumped effect.
      • Please check CAP-0001 for new error codes for transaction submission.
    • Offer liabilities (as in CAP-0003):
      • /accounts/{id} resources contain new fields: buying_liabilities and selling_liabilities for each entry in balances.
      • Please check CAP-0003 for new error codes for transaction submission.
  • Added source_amount field to path_payment operations.
  • Added account_credited and account_debited effects for path_payment operations.
  • Friendbot link in Root endpoint is empty if not set in configuration.
  • Improved ingest package logging.
  • Improved HTTP logging (forwarded_ip, route fields, duration is always in seconds).
  • LOGGLY_HOST env variable has been replaced with LOGGLY_TAG and is adding a tag to every log event.
  • Dropped support for Go 1.8.

Bug fixes

  • New fields in Offer resource: last_modified_ledger and last_modified_time, replace buggy last_modified (#478).
  • Fixed pagination in Trades for account endpoint (#486).
  • Fixed a synchronization issue in ingest package (#603).
  • Fixed Order Book resource links in Root endpoint.
  • Fixed streaming in Offers for Account endpoint.