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@accordeiro accordeiro released this May 29, 2019

Release Candidate. Do not use in production.

Breaking changes

  • Horizon requires Postgres 9.5+.
  • Removed paging_token field from /accounts/{id} endpoint.
  • Removed /operation_fee_stats endpoint. Please use /fee_stats.


  • The following new config parameters were added. When old max-db-connections config parameter is set, it has a priority over the the new params. Run horizon help for more information.
    • horizon-db-max-open-connections,
    • horizon-db-max-idle-connections,
    • core-db-max-open-connections,
    • core-db-max-idle-connections.
  • Improved horizon db reingest range command.
  • Fix "int64: value out of range" errors in trade aggregations (#1319).
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