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@poliha poliha released this Jul 8, 2019


  • Transaction information returned by methods now contain new fields: FeeCharged and MaxFee. FeePaid is deprecated and will be removed in later versions.
  • Improved unit test for Client.FetchTimebounds method.
  • Added Client.HomeDomainForAccount helper method for retrieving the home domain of an account.


  • Add support for getting the hex-encoded transaction hash with Transaction.HashHex method.
  • TransactionEnvelope is now available after building a transaction(Transaction.Build). Previously, this was only available after signing a transaction. (#1376)
  • Add support for getting the TransactionEnvelope struct with Transaction.TxEnvelope method (#1415).
  • AllowTrust operations no longer requires the asset issuer, only asset code is required (#1330).
  • Transaction.SetDefaultFee method is deprecated and will be removed in the next major release (#1221).
  • Transaction.TransactionFee method has been added to get the fee that will be paid for a transaction.
  • Transaction.SignHashX method adds support for signing transactions with hash(x) signature types.
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