interstellar-network provides a communication layer between Interstellar applications and the Stellar network.
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The interstellar-network module is part of the Interstellar Module System.

It provides a communication layer between Interstellar applications and the Stellar network.

Quick start to developing in the Interstellar eco-system:

Default configuration

  "networkPassphrase": "Test SDF Network ; September 2015",
  "horizon": {
    "secure": true,
    "hostname": "",
    "port": 443

interstellar-network module exports two consts:

  • NETWORK_PUBLIC - containing Public Global Stellar Network passphrase,
  • NETWORK_TESTNET - containing Test SDF Network passphrase

Read more about modules configuration.

Module contents






interstellar-network.AccountObservable service

interstellar-network.AccountObservable provides a shared space for accounts state and events. Let's say there are 2 widgets displaying a current balance. Without interstellar-network.AccountObservable each of them would have to make it's own requests to horizon server in order to get balance data. This service saves a recently fetched account information in the internal cache so every widget can get the latest information about the account without having to make requests to horizon.

getBalances(address) method

Returns the cached balance data for address. If there is no cache data will be requested from horizon and then returned.

  .then(balances => {

Returns a Promise.

getTransactions(address) method

Returns the transactions list for address. This data will not be cached so it will be requested from horizon every time it's used.

  .then(transactions => {

Returns a Promise.

registerBalanceChangeListener(address, callback) method

Registers listener for balance changes. callback function will be called every time there is a change in one or more user balances.

AccountObservable.registerBalanceChangeListener(address, balances => {

registerTransactionListener(address, callback) method

Registers listener for new transactions. callback function will be called every time there is a new transaction in address.

AccountObservable.registerTransactionListener(address, transaction => {

interstellar-network.Server service

interstellar-network.Server is a stellar-sdk Server object created using application configuration. For more information please read stellar-sdk documentation.

Publishing to npm

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npm publish

npm >=2.13.0 required. Read more about npm version.