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@tamirms tamirms released this Nov 14, 2019

  • Fix bug in org.stellar.sdk.requests.OperationsRequestBuilder.operation(long operationId). The method submitted an HTTP request to Horizon with the following path, /operation/ , but the correct path is /operations/
  • Rename org.stellar.sdk.requests.PathsRequestBuilder to org.stellar.sdk.requests.StrictReceivePathsRequestBuilder
  • Add sourceAssets() to org.stellar.sdk.requests.StrictReceivePathsRequestBuilder which allows a list of assets to be provided instead of a source account
  • Add org.stellar.sdk.requests.StrictSendPathsRequestBuilder which is the request builder for the /paths/strict-send endpoint
  • Removed deprecated classes: org.stellar.sdk.PathPaymentOperation and org.stellar.sdk.responses.operations.PathPaymentOperationResponse
  • The fee_paid field in the Horizon transaction response will be removed when Horizon 0.25 is released. The fee_paid field has been replaced by max_fee, which defines the maximum fee the source account is willing to pay, and fee_charged, which defines the fee that was actually paid for a transaction. Consequently, getFeePaid() has been removed from org.stellar.sdk.responses.Transaction and has been replaced with getMaxFee() and getFeeCharged().
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