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DEPRECATION NOTICE: We're no longer keeping this repository up to date.

Over time we've realized that the os-projects repo is not the best way to highlight the projects in our ecosystem. Notably it's mostly hidden from the rest of the world, we're not differentiating which projects are actively supported and which ones need some love, and really showing these off with the rest of Stellar's developer resources.

Our goal is to turn a lot of these projects (after an audit) into a gallery on our website in early 2019. For now, this is an existing repository of OSS projects for Stellar.

Stellar's Open Sourced Community Projects

⭐ Welcome to the list of open sourced community projects! ⭐

Projects have been divided into nine unique categories:

  1. Applications
  2. Trading
  3. Forums
  4. Ledger Explorers
  5. Quorum Explorers
  6. Libraries/APIs/Frameworks/Plug-ins
  7. Remittance Applications
  8. Tutorials and Documentation
  9. Wallets

Projects are listed in each category in no particular order.

Disclaimer: does not own, maintain or operate any of these projects. All projects listed in this repo are maintained by the Stellar Community.

🚀 How to get your project listed

To have your project listed in this collection please submit a PR of an edit of the appropriate category file. The edit should follow this format:

### [Project name](link to live project if applicable) - [source](link to repository)

Descriptions should be 40 words or less, and should be followed by two trailing spaces. Use the following format in your description / project name to prevent GitHub's autolinking feature:


🚀 How to get your project unlisted

To have your project removed from the listing, please submit a PR of an edit, removing your project.