@MonsieurNicolas MonsieurNicolas released this Sep 5, 2018 · 4 commits to acceptance-test-pass since this release

Assets 2

This release includes changes to the protocol as well as some stability improvements.

As it changes the meta data format, a newer version (0.14.0 or greater) of Horizon is required.

Stability improvements

  • Avoid 100% CPU usage when running certain commands (--newhist for example).
  • Handshake code in overlay had issue that would lead to peers not able to an error “unexpected MAC”.
  • Align publish with network consensus, this avoids potentially publishing bad ledgers in case of corruption.
  • Align catchup with network consensus, this avoids having to rely on timing (which may cause significant delays in catchup).
  • Properly fail work when spawning a process throws an exception.
  • Transactions are better flooded on the network.
  • SCP: synchronize nodes over time to reduce chance of timeout
  • SCP: nomination was sometimes computing “round leader” improperly, leading to timeouts
  • SCP: ensure latest quorum information is used when whitelisting validators
  • SCP: fix an edge case (present in current revision of the whitepaper), where a validator would improperly set its internal set leading to a crash
  • Move to a more recent version of asio.
  • Reduced number of warnings.
  • Properly kill subprocesses.
  • Moved to Catch2 (testing).
  • Moved to c++ 14 for the toolchain.
  • Fixed a crash when using the COMMANDS configuration element

Protocol Changes (v10)

  • BumpSeqOp w/ seqnum processing changes
  • Liabilities enforced across the board
  • Made offer rounding behavior more intuitive
  • Moved signature verification to transaction apply step
  • Fast fail not allowing to change trust on native assets

New features

  • New upgradehistory table that emits meta data for upgrades
  • Improved private network load testing
    • updated loadgenerator to allow for more scalable and parallel submission of synthetic traffic.
    • Documented how to do performance testing
  • New metrics:
    • archive health
    • performance characteristics of validators and network
  • Validators can now be configured to upgrade to protocol versions other than the latest supported.
  • Support for running tests in parallel
  • new printxdr command line option replaces printtxn to pretty print common XDR objects

Known issues

  • an error is displayed when publishing to an archive, this is purely cosmetic