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@MonsieurNicolas MonsieurNicolas released this 14 Mar 15:35
· 5010 commits to acceptance-test-pass since this release

Stellar Core 10.3.0

10.3.0 is a minor release with no changes to the Stellar protocol. With this release comes major improvements when nodes join the network — we’ve seen a speedup of up to 10x when applying buckets on our low end hardware.

Compatibility Warning: This version has some breaking changes (see below). If you're using Horizon you must use a version of Horizon that is > 0.17.4.

Stability Improvements

New Features

  • Peers referenced by name in the configuration file have their IP refreshed periodically to help with peer discovery during DNS updates.
  • Added a configuration value to drop peers that are too slow.

Breaking changes

  • Stellar Core now depends on PostgreSQL of > 9.5 (was 9.4)
  • As part of our recent performance improvements, Stellar Core's database schema changed for certain kinds of ledger entries. For more details, see docs/ for details. Any software uses core’s database directly (such as Horizon) must support schema version 9 or above.
  • Old style CLI options will be deprecated in a post 11.X.X release. See docs/software/ for the list of currently supported command line options.

Additional Details: