@MonsieurNicolas MonsieurNicolas released this Jan 18, 2018 · 551 commits to acceptance-test-pass since this release

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Release notes:

This release is highly recommended as it fixes critical stability bugs.

Stability improvements:

Fixed a bug in caching of quorum sets that could result in crashes or impact liveness of the network
Fixed an edge case where validators could fall back into “joining SCP” when externalizing a ledger is slow, causing nodes to stall

History subsystem:
Fixed issue when publishing to multiple archives at once
Fixed issues with level 10 merge (bucket list), resulting in some corrupted checkpoints

Fix issue where new peers could not be discovered
Added a new setting to better control the number of inbound connections allowed (to avoid locking peers out of the network)

Updated to latest versions of xdrpp, cereal

New features: