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II. Stellar Voice + Update II. Stellar Voice + Aug 3, 2015

Stellar Style: A Guide

This guide is a work in progress.

About this guide

Good writing is the sum of many technical decisions. This guide helps writers at and in the larger Stellar community make good decisions. In it, we describe the parameters and specific rules—including punctuation, grammar, and other facets of writerly style—that govern’s voice.

As a living document, this style guide is constantly evolving. If you’re looking for something that isn’t here or have a question about implementing these rules, talk to Jessica.


Watch for changes as we continue to flesh out this style guide.

Opportunities for contribution will be more abundant in the future. For now, we love feedback. Give it on Twitter (@verbagetruck, @StellarOrg) or via email (jessica at stellar dot org).


I. Overview
  • Principles for Stellar voice
  • Writing basics
  • Tips for revising

II. Stellar Voice + Tone

  • Why voice matters
  • Who is Stellar?
  • Stellar traits
  • How Stellar speaks
  • Stroopy

III. Types of Content

IV. The Persnickety Stuff: Style Guidelines

V. List of Terms and Phrases