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A Neo4J Desktop (React-based) application to visualize nodes with geographical attributes on a map.


Add the app to Neo4jDesktop

From tarball

  1. Go to the repository releases

  2. Download the noemap-<version>.tar.gz

  3. Open neo4j desktop and go to "Graph Applications" view:

  4. Drag and drop the tarball you downloaded earlier below "Install Graph Application"

  5. Trust the application

  6. The application is now available and you can add it to your projects:

  7. Click "Add"


Read the tutorial or the FAQ.

Want to contribute?


I am a data scientist, not a front-end developer. If someone with expertise with React wants to take a look and suggest improvements, that would be very welcome!

Developper mode

  1. Clone this repo

  2. Install dependencies:

     npm install
  3. Start the development server:

     npm run start
  4. Configure Neo4jDesktop by enabling the development mode in settings with the following paramters:

    • Entry point: http://localhost:3000
    • Root path: root of this repository
  5. Run tests: install dev dependencies and

     npm run test
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