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EC2 Examples

EC2 Examples.

Copy the contents of this folder and its subfolders to the CodeCommit repo


This repo is a demonstration of Continuous Delivery of a static website to EC2 instances via CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy. Ensure you've configured the Prerequisites before launching the stack below.

Launch Stack

![Launch CFN stack](

Configure Solution

  1. Once the CloudFormation stack is successful, select the checkbox next to the stack and click the Outputs tab.
  2. From Outputs, click on the PipelineUrl output. The Source action will be in a failed state.
  3. From the CodePipeline Source action, click on the CodeCommit provider and copy the git clone statement provided by CodeCommit
  4. Paste the command in your Terminal
  5. Copy all of the contents from this folder to your locally cloned CodeCommit Git repo
  6. From your Terminal, type git add .
  7. From your Terminal, type git commit -am "add new files"
  8. From your Terminal, type git push
  9. Go back to your pipeline in CodePipeline and see the changes flow through the pipeline
  10. Once the pipeline is complete, go to your CloudFormation Outputs and click on the CodeDeployURL Output to get to the EC2 instance for which CodeDeploy has deployed the application


  1. The CloudFormation template is available here.
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