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Supported in version 1.5.3+

Validation of your mu.yml is performed in 2 ways each time you run mu. Mu first checks that all properties in your yaml file are valid. No extraneous properties are allowed in the mu.yml config file. Mu also checks most of your properties to ensure they conform to the constraints set by AWS for those properties.

Test Automation

You can run the validation of your mu.yml configuration file separately from other commands. This can be helpful when running automated tests against your stack by first validating that the configuration file is valid before attempting to run any other commands. Validation is baked into mu, does not require any calls to AWS, and is performant. Use the commands exit code to know if your validation passed or not.


# Validate mu.yaml
> mu validate

# Validate a specific configuration file
> mu -c path/to/mu.yml validate
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