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Implementation of Sum-Product Attend-Infer-Repeat
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Sum-Product Attend-Infer-Repeat

This is the official implementation of "Sum-Product Attend-Infer-Repeat" (SuPAIR) as presented in the paper "Faster Attend-Infer-Repeat with Tractable Probabilistic Models" by Karl Stelzner, Robert Peharz, and Kristian Kersting (ICML 2019).

SuPAIR learns to decompose scenes into objects and background in an unsupervised manner via a structured probabilistic modelling approach. By employing tractable sum-product networks as appearance models for objects and background, SuPAIR learns faster and more robustly than AIR, and works well even on images with noisy backgrounds.

SuPAIR performance SuPAIR noise results


We ran our experiments using Python 3.6 and CUDA 9.0, making use of the following Python packages:

  • tensorflow-gpu 1.7
  • numpy 1.15
  • scipy 1.1
  • scikit-image 0.14.1
  • visdom 0.1.8
  • observations 0.1.4
  • matplotlib 3.0
  • pillow 5.2

These may be installed via pip install -r requirements.txt. Other versions might also work but were not tested.

Project Structure

  • contains the specification of the SuPAIR model and its inference network which are the main contributions of the paper
  • contains the training loop and routines for running the reported experiments
  • holds important options and hyperparameters
  • and contain our implementation of (random) sum-product-networks
  • handles the generation and loading of the various datasets
  • contains routines for drawing visualizations
  • generates plots given performance data


Simply run python src/ Adjust the configuration object created at the bottom of the file as needed, or call one of the predefined functions to reproduce the experiments in the paper.


If you find this repository, or the ideas presented within useful in your research, please consider citing our paper:

  title={Faster Attend-Infer-Repeat with Tractable Probabilistic Models},
  author={Stelzner, Karl and Peharz, Robert and Kersting, Kristian},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning},
  pdf = 	 {},
  url = 	 {}
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