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gform (dojo-generate-form)

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gform provides a widget that renders a form according to a schema. gform uses dojo as the widget library. Main usage is the creation of administrative front ends. The model driven approach lends itself perfectly to creating a form for backend data models.

json literals are made up of properties. In gform these properties are referred to as attributes.


  • dojo clientside validation is supported.
  • serverside validation is supported. The error message can be set by a path expression. editor.addError("","the name is not valid"). Errors added in this manner can be removed by calling editor.resetErrors().
  • changes to attributes are tracked. Each attribute label is decorated with an icon to signal that it was changed. The tooltip contains the original value.
  • groups can be used to add structure to the display of the form. Without a group all attributes are simply displayed in a list. A group can display group of attributes in a tabs, accordions or similar containers. Groups indicate the number of invalid attributes next to the label.
  • The data displayed in the form can be programmatically modified after form creation. The form will be updated accordingly. This is useful for browsing the details of elements in a table. The details form is updated when the user switches between elements in the table.
  • Attributes in the model can be updated by path expressions editor.update("",12.2). This is useful to display serverside changes to the model.
  • A function is provided to convert json schema into the gform schema.


Currently the schema does not allow for a properties with arbitrary keys. This can be emulated by using an array with a unique key property.

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