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admin-gform is a generic client application to administrate data and invoke services.

live demo

Data administration

admin-gform generates master detail views to browse, create, update and delete entities via restful services. The ui consists of a table for browsing resource documents and a form to edit a single resource. Both table and form are created according to the resource's schema. This schema must be supplied in either json schema or gform schema format.

Service invokation

admin-gform is a swagger client. It actually exceeds the default swagger ui's features by providing a complete form for posting and putting new or changed resources.


  • does not support file upload


to install and run the build app use:

git clone
bower install
grunt build
grunt server dist
open browser at localhost:3333

to run the dev app use:

grunt server
open browser at localhost:3333


The configuration contains the default swagger and gform services to connect to. It is a json file located at /src/app/services.json:

    "services": [
            "type": "app/service/BaucisCrudService",
            "name": "blog (crud)",
            "url": "http://localhost:3333/api/gform"

            "type": "app/service/SwaggerMetaService",
            "name": "swagger example",
            "url": "http://localhost/source/gform-admin-new/src/app/wordnik/api"


A service has a name displayed in the menu, a url of the service's api and a type. The type defines how to interpret the api - as swagger or gform api.


The schemata to create the generic front end is provided through rest services. It works similar to the swagger api, The Api consists of two calls:

1. Listing of available resources

The main service call returns general meta data of all resources. A resource meta data consists of a name and urls to the schema, the resource and optionally the collection. These urls must be absolute or relative to the provided basePath or the url of the listing itself.

  "basePath": "http://localhost:3333/api/",
  "resources": [
      "name": "vegetable"
      "schemaUrl": "./gform/vegetables",
      "resourceUrl": "./vegetables/",
      "collectionUrl": "./vegetables/",

2. The schemata

All referenced schema may reference external schemas relative to the basePath as well.

Libraries and examples

Live example

gform-admin provides access to swagger example application and crud operations on BlogPost and User data in lcoalstorage.


A complete implementation of the gform rest api for mongoose is available here. An example application is available here


generic ui to manage data and services.



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