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🧰 Simple TypeScript Starter | 2021

We talk about a lot of advanced Node.js and TypeScript concepts on the blog, particularly focused around Domain-Driven Design and large-scale enterprise application patterns. However, I received a few emails from readers that were interested in seeing what a basic TypeScript starter project looks like. So I've put together just that.


  • Minimal
  • TypeScript v4
  • Testing with Jest
  • Linting with Eslint and Prettier
  • Pre-commit hooks with Husky
  • VS Code debugger scripts
  • Local development with Nodemon


npm run start:dev

Starts the application in development using nodemon and ts-node to do hot reloading.

npm run start

Starts the app in production by first building the project with npm run build, and then executing the compiled JavaScript at build/index.js.

npm run build

Builds the app at build, cleaning the folder first.

npm run test

Runs the jest tests once.

npm run test:dev

Run the jest tests in watch mode, waiting for file changes.

npm run prettier-format

Format your code.

npm run prettier-watch

Format your code in watch mode, waiting for file changes.