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Hello! Welcome to Libcore! 📚


Stencila is an open source software project for reproducible research with the intuitive, visual interfaces that you and your colleagues are used to. Learn more about Stencila at the main stencila repository, and on our website.

Libcore is our core library of functions. What does that mean? Any spreadsheet program uses functions like sum(), mean(), median() to define mathmatical operations and other formulas for use within the software. In Stencila, anyone can contribute to our core library of functions. So, if there's an operation you use frequently, we welcome you to contribute to Libcore and write a function! If you want to learn more about how to contribute to our core function library, you've come to the right place!

We depend on contributors (people like you!) to add new functions and point out areas for improvement. It's ok if you've never written a function or made an open source contribution before. We have resources for new function authors (link) and this document will help you make your first contribution.

If you're interested in developing a domain specific library (eg: neuroscience), check out the libraries that are under development (link), and join our community forum to chat about it! We want to make it easy for Stencila to do what you need it to do.

Getting started

Libcore functions are written in Mini. Stencila also supports functions written in external languages too (TODO)

Code of Conduct

Please review Stencila's [Code of Conduct]( before you go any further.

What's Happening in Libcore?

Wondering what kind of work is currently happening on Libcore?

  • Libcore Readme
  • Libcore Roadmap

Let's talk!

You can chat with the team at our community forum, on Twitter @Stencila, Gitter, or email to

How to submit changes

  • Issues
  • StEPs

Good First Functions

Where to go for help