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Console viewer plugin for foobar2000
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DevConsole for foobar20000

DevConsole is a console view plugin which was originally developed around 2005. Some plugins I can't remember existed at the time which would flood the foobar2000 console with messages. This inspired the creation and design of DevConsole.


  • Decoupled from the main user interface: The DevConsole window is independent from the main window. It uses a separate thread to stay responsive even if the main window is blocked.
  • Message flood resistent: The DevConsole window can handle a high rate of console messages.
  • Suspend display update: The message list view can be frozen so new console message do not show up immediately.
  • Message metadata: The message list view displays the time of day and the source thread of each console message.
  • Background message collection: Console messages are recorded even when the DevConsole window is closed.


DevConsole window


Open the View menu from the main menu bar and choose the DevConsole command to open the DevConsole window. The DevConsole window opens automatically when foobar2000 is started if it was open at the previous shutdown.

Click the Close button or press the escape key to close the DevConsole window.

Click the Clear button to remove all messages from the message list view and the message buffer.

Click the Freeze button to suspend updates to the message list view. Click the Unfreeze button to resume updates.

Press Ctrl+C or choose Copy from the context menu of the message list view to copy the selected entry to the clipboard.


  • The DevConsole window cannot be embedded into the main window. This is a consequence of its design.
  • Long messages will be truncated horizontally and vertically.
  • DevConsole does not support logging messages to disk.
  • The font of the message list view cannot be configured.
  • The message buffer is unbounded. The memory usage will grow indefinitely unless the message buffer is manually cleared.


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