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Property of Bristol Web app

  • Home Page - All titles or summaries from the feed
  • News Post: Blogger (RSS Feed)
  • Events: Eventful (RSS Feed)
  • Videos: Youtube/Viemo (not sure on RSS)
  • Twitter: Twitter (RSS Feed)
  • Photos: Flickr (RSS Feed)
  • Shop: Blog posts - In category Shop or similer (RSS Feed)
  • Podcast: Hosted podcast service (RSS Feed)


Podcasts Page

Podcast Details taken from the RSS, listed in full detail.

For Steve Home page: aggregate RSS feeds into one feed. 7 different Feeds being pulled in. Shop page: Full text Blogger Feed in a category eg Shop. Podcast Page: Full text podcast feed Items.

For Rich Things to sign up for: Twitter Blogger Youtube or Vimeo or Both Flickr Hosted Podcast Service (Need to research This one) Eventful

Issues with design: Having different small text on news items (eg 00.00.00 via twitter / 3 videos) I'm think this would have to be consistent for each item, most likley 00.00.00 via twitter etc As discussed - sidebar images now all hard coded, you can just upload new ones, change links (easy code, no worries)