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Read the How To for basic usage instructions.


Badgetest is an unimaginatively named utility for issuing some number of badges to some email address on a Backpack server.

Detailed usage instructions are available on the wiki How To page.

Unique Naming

Badge names are made unique by appending the string timestamp-n where

  • the timestamp is in millis, and will be the same for all badges issued in one group
  • and n is the badge's number in the group.

Unique Images

Unique badge images can be generated using vanillicons. Check the generate images checkbox and each assertion will use the vanillicon for its badge name as the badge graphic.


You can use an actual Persona account connected to your real email, or you can use! It's super-convenient for creating different test backpacks.


The backend provides two endpoints:

  • /raw.json provides a default assertion with unhashed email address
  • /hashed.json provides a default assertion with hashed email address

Both endpoints can take two query parameters to modify the default values:

  • ?email=<email> will override the recipient
  • ?override=<json> will recursively merge the specified json with the defaults, allowing you to override any field you want

Badgetest uses these endpoints to avoid having to actually store assertions. The data is instead either the defaults or gets encoded in the assertion url itself (and then baked into a badge or sent to the Issuer API).