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Tempo rubato is a musical term referring to the expressive shaping of a piece by a slight speeding up and then slowing down of its tempo at the discretion of the musician. It literally translates as stolen time.

Rubato is a tool to help you use your discretion to shape your time. It aims to free you from clock-watching as much as it can! It shows you the negative space between important points in your schedule, leaving you free to build your intervening schedule in whatever way feels best.

Use Rubato

Visit src/rubato.html or index.html if you've built it, and enter a public Google Calendar ID.

To find your Google Calendar ID, look at the Calendar Address under your calendars Calendar settings. You'll see something like (Calendar ID: You can click Change sharing settings to make sure the calendar is public: go there and make sure Make this calendar public is checked. That's it!

Once you have entered your calendar ID, that page is bookmarkable. You won't have to enter it every time.

Easier still...

Visit Rubato here and enter an ID, or use to see a demo schedule and get a taste of what Rubato is like. This link will even take you straight there.

Here's the same calendar in Google Calendar for comparison.

Develop Rubato

Rubato is written in javascript using jQuery and the Google Calendar API. Rubato's tests use specit.

Run the tests

Go to test/all.test.html and look for green! Here are the tests for the deployment above.


rake -T will show you your options.

  • rake index will copy src/rubato.html as index.html and adjust some paths.
  • rake tar will tar up the most useful files for deployment to a server.