This is a simple RPC client for Transmission, written in Ruby
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TransmissionRPCClient (hereafter TRPCC) is a Client written in Ruby for comfortably controlling the Transmission Remote Interface via RPC. The TRPCC comes with a small set of methods, which will be explained in this document.

##Initialization Before you can use the TRPCC, you need to require the file.

require 'trpcc'

You can initialize TRPCC with:

The constructor takes two arguments host and port, which are localhost and 9091 by default.

##Doing stuff

  • Getting a list of all the torrents:
This method returns an array, with the entries being hashes with the keys *id*, *name*, and *percentDone*.
  • Getting information about a specific torrent:
This returns a hash with the keys *id*, *name*,  *percentDone*, and *files*. 
*files* itself is an array, with the entries being hashes with the keys *key*, *bytesCompleted*, *length* and *name*.
  • Starting a torrent which is paused:
  • Adding a torrent with a local .torrent-file:
  • Adding a torrent via an IO object:
This requires an IO Object which responds to the *read* method. base64 encoding is done by the client

##Going a little bit deeper

If you want to manipulate the arguments without hacking the source code, you might want to use do_action


with userHash being a hash with the keys method and arguments, of which method being one of

  add		start	stop	set		get		delete

and arguments being itself a hash with the corresponding arguments for the RPC method.

If you want to refresh your X-Transmission-Session-id, call


This method is also called during initialization.


This will simply display all the torrents

  require 'trpcc'
  client =
  puts client.list_torrents

This example adds a torrent from a file via an IO object

  require 'trpcc'
  client =
  myTorrent ="example.torrent")
  client.add_metainfo myTorrent

This will set the peer limit for the torrent with the id 0 to 23

  require 'trpcc'
  client =
  client.do_action {"method" => "set", "arguments" => {"ids" => [0], "peer-limit" => 23}}

##Further information

Especially for do_action, you may want to read the specs of the RPC of Transmission.