Practical JSON parser written in awk
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A practical JSON parser written in awk.

Quick Start

JSON.awk is a self-contained, single-file program with no external dependencies. It is similar to, a JSON parser written in Bash -- retrieved on 2013-03-13 to form the basis for JSON.awk. Since then, the two projects have taken separate paths, so you will not find all of features in JSON.awk, and viceversa.


  • compatible output format (as of 2013-03-13)
  • Can parse one or multiple input files in a single invocation
  • Captures invalid JSON input and processes it on exit
  • Written for awk; does not require gawk extensions; works with mawk 1.3.4 20150503 and higher
  • Single file, does not depend on external programs
  • Your choice of MIT or Apache 2 license


Just drop the file JSON.awk in your project folder and run it as an awk script.

Usage Examples

For full usage instructions and command-line options please read FAQ 1.

awk -f JSON.awk -v file1.json file2.json

echo -e "file1.json\nfile2.json\n" > filenames && awk -f JSON.awk < filenames

echo -e "file1.json\nfile2.json\n" | awk -f JSON.awk

# pipe JSON data from stdin

cat file1.json file2.json | awk -f JSON.awk

{ echo -; echo; cat file1.json file2.json; } | awk -f JSON.awk

Projects that use JSON.awk

  • KindleLauncher a.k.a. KUAL, an application launcher for the Kindle e-ink models, uses JSON.awk to parse menu descriptions.


This software is available under the following licenses:

  • MIT
  • Apache 2


Without this software would not exist.