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A simple fix to run your Rails tests with sqlite. From the example at

Add the gem to your bundle by adding

  gem 'memory_test_fix'

to your Gemfile

In your database.yml, use:

    adapter: sqlite3
    database: ":memory:"

It runs much faster!

You can also adjust the verbosity of the output:

    adapter: sqlite3
    database: ":memory:"
    verbosity: silent

To use rails migrations instead of loading db/schema.rb

    adapter: sqlite3
    database: ":memory:"
    migrate: true

You can also use this with other (testing) environments, not just 'test'.

Rails Versions

Due to incompatibilities in the loading of gem plugins by Rails, this gem only works with Rails 3 starting from version 0.2.0. If you're using an older version of Rails, use the 0.1.x version of this gem.


Chris Roos

Adapted by Geoffrey Grosenbach,

Verbosity patch by Kakutani Shintaro

Adapted as GemPlugin by Matijs van Zuijlen

Support for environments besides 'test' by Erik Hanson & Matt Scilipoti

Support for Rails 3 by Greg Weber

Fix for Rails 3.2 by Stephan Zalewski