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Protobuf implementation in Rust.

  • Written in pure rust
  • Generates rust code
  • Has runtime library support for generated code (Coded{Input|Output}Stream impl)
  • Supports both Protobuf versions 2 and 3
  • and more

Where is documentation

Documentation is hosted on

Versions and branches

Version 3

Version 3 is current stable version. Compared to version 2 it implements:

  • runtime reflection
  • JSON and text format parsing and printing
  • dynamic messages (messages which can be created from .proto file on the fly without code generation)

Version 2

Version 2 is previous stable version. Only most critical bugfixes will be applied to 2.x version, otherwise it won't be maintained.


The crate needs help:

  • a new maintainer, but also
  • testing
  • documentation
  • examples to be used as documentation
  • feedback on API design
  • feedback on implementation
  • pull requests


See for a list of changes and compatility issues between versions.

Related projects

  • prost — another protobuf implementation in Rust, also has gRPC implementation
  • quick-protobuf — alternative protobuf implementation in Rust
  • grpc-rs — another gRPC implementation for Rust
  • grpc-rust — incomplete implementation of gRPC based on this library