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API to generate .rs files

API to generate .rs files to be used e. g. from

Example code:

With stable rust-protobuf:

extern crate protobuf_codegen_pure;

protobuf_codegen_pure::run(protobuf_codegen_pure::Args {
    out_dir: "src/protos",
    input: &["protos/a.proto", "protos/b.proto"],
    includes: &["protos"],
    customize: protobuf_codegen_pure::Customize {

With rust-protobuf from master:

extern crate protobuf_codegen_pure;

    .inputs(&["protos/a.proto", "protos/b.proto"])

And in Cargo.toml:

protobuf-codegen-pure = "2.3"

The alternative is to use protoc-rust crate, which relies on protoc command to parse descriptors. Both crates should produce the same result, otherwise please file a bug report.

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