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RxJava2 extensions for Android Databindings library
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steelrooter and stepango Add explicit Observable return types (#26)
* Specify explicit return type of Observable

* Use method references

* Allow only non-nullable Observables

* Bump version to 1.9.0
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RxJava2 extensions for Android Databindings library

Add RxDataBindings to your build.gradle

implementation "com.stepango.rxdatabindings:rxdatabindings:1.9.0"

Basic example of usage:

interface ViewModelState : Parcelable {
    val text: ObservableString
    val counter: ObservableInt

data class ViewModelStateImpl(
        override val text: ObservableString = ObservableString(),
        override val counter: ObservableInt = ObservableInt()
) : ViewModelState, AutoParcelable

class ViewModel(val state: ViewModelState) : ViewModelState by state {

    init {
                .setTo(text) { "Wow! You count till $it" }
                .doOnNext { Log.d("THREAD", Thread.currentThread().name) }

    fun incCounter() =
    fun decCounter() = counter.dec(0)

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