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This is the source of

This may be useful if you are building a React app and want to make it easy for Google Bot & friends to index your site - so you need SSR and good SEO. Otherwise use react-create-app.

The Stack

This stack is used here just for kicks, it's not needed for a static blog. Just a playground to try things out.

What this can do

  • SSR
  • code-splitting (async-loaded routes)

Why Razzle & after.js instead of next.js?

  • Next gives you less freedom in what your URLs can look like by default.
  • Next is a big library.
  • Razzle's hot reloading is nicer than what you get with next.
  • Disclaimer: I haven't tried Next v6/v7 properly, it should be lot better than the v4 I've used.

Why TypeScript

Yes, it's a bit of a pain to get it working right initially. Later on, it can be a head scratcher to get types working well, especially if you are going for maximum strictness™. But it's so worth it, especially if you are working in a team, or are a bit forgetful. Node.js with TypeScript is safer for me than Java ever was. Win!


  • CSS-in-JS solutions look nice. But they all increase bundle size and steal a bit of runtime performance.
  • Yes, you're not getting guaranteed encapsulation with SCSS - but it's trivial to fix conflicting styles.


  1. Getting a weird Typescript error? It might just be an issue with Yarn or NPM. Try
rm -rf ./node_modules && rm yarn.lock && yarn
  1. fsevents issue when running tests? Try expo/expo#854 (comment)


  • Example of lazy (code-split) route
  • Example of internal API
  • Revisit Main.tsx routing
  • Build and deploy with V1
  • Build with V2
  • Deploy with V2
  • Deploy to to Google AppEngine Standard Environment node.js


Source of my personal site. Built with React 'n hooks, SSR, Razzle, after.js and TypeScript. Deployed on Now.






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