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Warning: We would love to hear your Feedback on our Discord

Note: tRPC-style client for Garph has arrived! See garph-gqty for more 🚀

Garph is a fullstack GraphQL framework for TypeScript, that aims to deliver the best GraphQL Developer-Experience.

Garph 0.5 was just released! 🙌


  • Updated the React-client
  • Added GraphQL Subscriptions
  • Cursor-based pagination
  • Included Relay building blocks (nodes, edges, connections)
  • Additional type-safety for resolvers
  • Updated Documentation

Get started

  1. Install the dependencies

    npm i garph graphql-yoga
  2. Create example GraphQL API

    import { g, InferResolvers, buildSchema } from 'garph'
    import { createYoga } from 'graphql-yoga'
    import { createServer } from 'http'
    const queryType = g.type('Query', {
      greet: g.string()
          name: g.string().optional().default('Max')
        .description('Greets a person')
    const resolvers: InferResolvers<{ Query: typeof queryType }, {}> = {
      Query: {
        greet: (parent, args, context, info) => `Hello, ${}`
    const schema = buildSchema({ g, resolvers })
    const yoga = createYoga({ schema })
    const server = createServer(yoga)
    server.listen(4000, () => {'Server is running on http://localhost:4000/graphql')
  3. Start the server

    npx ts-node server.ts
  4. Query the API

    Go to: http://localhost:4000/graphl

    Enter the following query:

      greet(name: "Max")

    Click on the play button


Documentation is available on


Example projects can be found under examples/


We would love to hear your Feedback on our Discord community