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jquery.liveurl - a facebook attachment clone (version 1.2.2)

This plugin enables a live preview for an url in a textarea, like the facebook attachment
of a post. Multiple images and a video preview is in this demo integrated.


  • Filters urls and images from a textarea
  • Multiple Images
  • Video Preview
  • NO PHP required (YQL)
  • Meta Tag Recognition
  • Body Images Inspector
  • Body Paragraphs Inspector for Description Fallback


Online-Demo: http://liveurl.ainetworks.de/demo/


Include this script after the jQuery library

  <script src="/path/to/jquery.liveurl.js"></script>

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome 23
  • Mozilla Firefox 16.0.2
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9
  • Safari 5.1.7

Quick Usage

You can use this plugin on every textarea. Start it directly:

  success : function(data) 
    // this return the first found url data


Object = {
    title: "New Car Quotes, Buy Used Cars, and Prices | The cars.com alternative  | Car.com", 
    description: "Car Reviews, Car Financing, and a Free non-obligat…e.", 
    url: "http://www.car.com", 
    video: null


Option Parameter Default Description
findLogo [boolean (true / false)] false should search for an image or class namend "logo" for the image preview
logoWord [string] logo Word, which should be searched, used for the "findLogo" option
findDescription [boolean (true / false)] true should search for an p tag with text, only if the description is not given
matchNoData [boolean (true / false)] true preview urls, which are not found (offline, 404)
multipleImages [boolean (true / false)] true preview more than one image of the url
minWidth [integer] 100 Value in pixel for the minimum width of each preview-image
minHeight [integer] 32 Value in pixel for the minimum height of each preview-image
loadStart [function()] {} This function starts if the plugin start a page download - for an optional loader
loadEnd [function()] {} This function starts if the plugin has finished the page download
success [function()] {data} Returns the information about the first found url
addImage [function()] {image} This function is started each time, if a picture is found
imgLoadStart [function()] {} Not implemented
imgLoadEnd [function()] {} Not implemented



Stephan Fischer


If you want to support me, make a small donation at www.paypal.com: stephan@ainetworks.de