A parser combinatory library for F#
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This repository was recently moved from BitBucket.


FParsec is a parser combinator library for F#.

With FParsec you can implement recursive‐descent text parsers for formal grammars.

FParsec’s features include:

  • support for context‐sensitive, infinite look‐ahead grammars,
  • automatically generated, highly readable error messages,
  • Unicode support,
  • efficient support for very large files,
  • an embeddable, runtime‐configurable operator‐precedence parser component,
  • a simple, efficient and easily extensible API,
  • an implementation thoroughly optimized for performance,
  • comprehensive documentation,
  • a permissive open source license.



  • Code: 2-clause BSD license ("Simplified BSD License")
  • Data: FParsec includes some data derived from the Unicode Character Database which is distributed under the Unicode, Inc. License Agreement.
  • Documentation: Creative Commons Attribution‐NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

See the www.quanttec.com/fparsec/license.html for more details.