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# This PowerShell script builds the FParsec NuGet packages.
# Currently, it uses msbuild and needs to be run in the VS2017 Command Prompt,
# so that it can build PCL assemblies.
# It also requires the nuget.exe, see $nuget below.
# Run this script from the VS2017 Command Prompt, e.g. with
# powershell -File pack.ps1 -versionSuffix "" > pack.out.txt
[string]$versionSuffix = "dev",
[string]$nuget = ".\nuget.exe"
$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'
$configs = $('Release-LowTrust', 'Release')
$testTargetFrameworks = @{'Release' = $('net45', 'net40-client')
'Release-LowTrust' = $('netcoreapp2.0', 'net45')}
$testPCL = $true
function invoke([string] $cmd) {
echo ''
echo $cmd
Invoke-Expression $cmd
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0) {
throw "Non-zero exit code: $LastExitCode"
foreach ($folder in $("FParsecCS\obj", "FParsecCS\bin", "FParsec\obj", "FParsec\bin")) {
try {
Remove-Item $folder -recurse
} catch {}
foreach ($config in $configs) {
$props = "/p:Configuration=$config /p:VersionSuffix=$versionSuffix /p:FParsecNuGet=true"
invoke "msbuild /t:Restore $props"
invoke "msbuild /t:Clean $props"
invoke "msbuild FParsec /t:Build $props"
invoke "msbuild Test /t:Build $props"
foreach ($tf in $testTargetFrameworks[$config]) {
if ($tf.StartsWith('netcoreapp')) {
invoke "dotnet .\Test\bin\$config\$tf\Test.dll"
} else {
invoke ".\Test\bin\$config\$tf\Test.exe"
invoke "msbuild /t:Restore $props /p:MergedFParsecPackage=true"
invoke "msbuild /t:Pack /p:NoBuild=true /p:IncludeSource=true /p:IncludeSymbols=true $props /p:MergedFParsecPackage=true"
if (($config -eq 'Release-LowTrust') -and $testPCL) {
$pclProps = "/p:TargetFramework=net45 /p:OutputPath=bin\$config\net45-pcl\ /p:TestPCLFParsec=true $props"
invoke "msbuild Test/Test.fsproj /t:Clean $pclProps"
invoke "msbuild Test/Test.fsproj /t:Build $pclProps"
invoke ".\Test\bin\$config\net45-pcl\Test.exe"
# The non-symbol packages built by the msbuild Pack target include some files only belonging
# into the symbol packages, so we have to recreate the packages from the generated nuspecs.
foreach ($nuspec in Get-ChildItem -Path ".\FParsec\obj\" -Recurse -Include "FParsec*.symbols.nuspec") {
$localNuspecPath = ".\$($nuspec.Name.Replace('.symbols', [string]::Empty))"
Copy-Item $nuspec $localNuspecPath -verbose
invoke ".\nuget pack $localNuspecPath -Symbols"