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A simple clone of an old turn-based stategy game.
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Dot: The Video Game

A simple clone of an old turn-based stategy game.

Dot: The Video Game

How to play

  • Clone the repo and load index.html in your browser.
  • Two players, turn based
  • Each player starts with two tokens.
  • You can move one token a maximum of 2 spaces per turn.
  • Moving one space will cause your token to be duplicated.
  • Moving two spaces will leave an empty space where you were previously.
  • After moving your token, any adjacent enemy tokens will be captured.
  • The game ends when all of a players pieces are captured, or there are no available moves.

Tools used


After playing Spot: The Video Game on the Nintendo Entertainment System recently, I decided I wanted a light version of the game that I could easily play with a friend in a web browser. This was put together over the course of a few afternoons. The goal was to keep it simple, make it quickly, and have some fun, so don't go looking for production code here.


  • You won't see a lot of shine and polish.
  • The code isn't likely to be "production ready".

Javascript Modules and Browserify

The JavaScript code for this game is written using modules. While browsers still don't support the require method used in tools like Node.js, using Browserify allows me to bundle the source into a single, browser compatible file. I've included a bash script ( that shows the command I've been using to get this done.

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