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JVRC-1 model for OpenRAVE

The JVRC-1 is a 44-DOF humanoid model designed for the Japanese Virtual Robotics Challenge by Takasuke Sonoyama. It is publicly distributed in the jvrc/model repository on GitHub. The official files are in VRML, which cannot be used in OpenRAVE directly. I have converted them to COLLADA using the openhrp-export-collada tool from openhrp3.

You can download and display the robot model by:

$ git clone
$ cd openrave_models
$ python JVRC-1

The model is in false colors as OpenRAVE doesn't read textures:

The license (Japanese only) published on the JVRC website basically grants noncommercial use under attribution. If you use it in your project, you can cite it as: "Sample humanoid model for a simulation competition, Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, ref. H27PRO-1843" (シミュレーション競技会用サンプルヒューマノイドモデル、産業技術総合研究所 H27PRO-1843).

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