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Humanoid robotics prototyping environment based on OpenRAVE
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Humanoid robotics controller prototyping environment based on OpenRAVE. Includes:

Use cases

Getting started


The following instructions were verified on Ubuntu 14.04:

sudo apt-get install cython libglpk-dev python python-dev python-pip python-scipy python-simplejson
  • Install the LP solver: CVXOPT_BUILD_GLPK=1 pip install cvxopt --user
  • Install the QP solver: pip install quadprog --user
  • For polyhedral computations (optional): pip install pycddlib --user

Finally, clone this repository and run the setup script:

git clone --recursive
cd pymanoid
python build
python install --user


For nonlinear numerical optimization, you will need to install CasADi, preferably from source with the MA27 linear solver.

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